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  •   Taking the best-selling machine B12 as its base, it achieves an ultimate low price.

  •   A build-in spindle motor with low vibration and high rotation accuracy is mounted in main spindle.

  •   Line-up of machines with back spindle among low cost machine range.

 Item B12I B12II B12V B12VI
 Maximum machining diameter Φ12mm
 Maximum machining area 135mm(57mm with R.G.B.)
 Maximum drilling diameter for main spindle Φ6mm
 Maximum tapping diameter for main spindle (tap,die) M6
 Spindle through-hole diameter Φ14mm
 Spindle speed &  Maximum drilling diameter for rotary tool Max.12,000min-1(Max.8,000min-1with R.G.B.)
---   ---  
 Maximum tapping diameter for rotary tool --- M4 --- M4
 Spindle speed of the gang rotary tool --- Max.
--- Max.
 Max. chuck diameter of back spindle --- Φ12mm
 Max. protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece --- 30mm
 Max. drilling diameter in back machining process --- Φ5mm
Max. tapping diameter in back machining process --- M3
 Back spindle speed --- Max.
 Number of tools to be mounted 8 10 11 13
 Tool size  Turning tool □10mm
 Rapid feed rate  X axis 21m/min
 Y axis 21m/min
 Z1 axis 15m/min
 A2 axis --- 12m/min
 Motors  For spindle drive 1.5/2.2kW
 For tool spindle drive --- 0.4kW --- 0.4kW
 For back spindle drive --- 1.0kW  
 For cutting coolant oil 0.18kW
 Input power capacity 4kVA
 Center height 1,000mm
 Weight 950kg 1,300kg